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Ev Hales

Ev Hales

Hurstbridge, Australia · 20 items

ebook by Ev Hales

Volume 8 in the "Painting with Ev Hales" ebook series, "Painting Moving Water"explores the issues involved with this exciting subject. Energy, sound and rhythm all combine when water is moving fast. This painting instruction ebook takes you on a ride down the rapids as you explore moving water and the potential of this subject when in an artist's hands. Find patterns that help create the illusion of movement. Specific brush techniques illustrate freedom with your brushwork and when this is combined with a suitable painting surface you will capture the energy of moving water on a flat surface.

Waves, waterfalls, rivers are always a challenge for artists suddenly become more achievable. Because you understand specific painting techniques and subject issues you will be empowered to interpret the world you see. Practical discussion related to more than 100 images will engage your interest. The ebook is relevant to any painting medium but includes specific issues for watercolor painters.

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