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Ev Hales

Ev Hales

Hurstbridge, Australia · 20 items

ebook by Ev Hales

Do you fit into any of these categories? Love painting boats; never paint boats; put this subject in the too hard basket; would love to but just can't draw well enough?

If you love it you will be inspired to try a few new ways with boats, if you are intimidated you will be encouraged to 'have a go” using some different strategies discussed. Learn how to enter this exciting world of boats gradually and build skills and confidence as you go. Learn how to work on site as well as from photographs to develop exciting compositions.

Many tips and techniques make the painting process simpler and achievable for everyone. Exploring ways to work in watercolor to achieve some magical effects is the main thrust of this ebook. However all artists will benefit from the subject discussions and how these can be used for exciting compositions. Examples include oil paintings, pen and wash on glaze painting and watercolor.

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