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Ev Hales

Ev Hales

Hurstbridge, Australia · 20 items

ebook by Ev Hales

An ebook exploring the 'less is more' theory. Paint still water and see everything around it reflected in the surface. Explore reflections and watercolour techniques like glazing to develop paintings filled with magic. Select specific paper to use for granulation. These are some of the issues discussed in this ebook.

Subtle color and tonal balance are the keys to create an illusion of stretches of still water that recede in space. Develop compositions which are simple but intriguing. Use you vision to bring something new to the viewer. Learn how to paint less and say more. Discover colors you didn't know existed. Soak up the tranquillity and mystique that is inevitably linked to areas near still water. See the thought process involved to make modifications that improve and complete a painting without over doing it. Learn how to make those changes without letting people know you have needed to.

Practical discussions and over 100 images explore the power of suggestion when creating these images. Relevant to any painting medium but includes specific issues for watercolor painters.

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