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Ev Hales

Ev Hales

Hurstbridge, Australia · 20 items

ebook by Ev Hales

Flowers celebrate color. Painting flowers is all about riotous color and pattern. This ebook literally oozes vitality as you explore with Ev Hales the development of paintings that are based on flowers. Learn how to paint less and say more. Discover colors you didn't know existed – what is even better learn ways to mix color. Explore the magic of flowers and their designs and discover ways to present flowers you love

to your painting audience. Build an understanding of painting techniques and subject issues which will empower you to interpret flowers through line, color or design. Practical discussions and over 100 images explore color, technique and media available to the floral artist. The subject analysis is relevant to all artistsand you will find examples in a variety of media including oil, pastel, pen and wash and watercolour. The watercolor medium is explored in detail with many different techniques discussed during the step by step examples.

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